Fidget Spinner Q&A

Q: What is Fidgeting:

A: Fidgeting is the act of making small movements excessively. These can be performed with both the hands and feet and generally brought on by nervousness or impatience.

Q: What is a Fidget spinner?

A: It is a toy that helps with restless fingers

Q: what does it help with?

A: People who are bored at work, those who suffer from PTSD and ADHD. It helps with focusing on the spin of the object.

Q: How long do fidget toys spin?

A: It depends what type of bearing the spinner has. Here we sell entry level spinners to advanced spinners theyspin at 20 seconds , 1 minute plus, and 2 minute plus spin times.

Q: What type of bearing do you use?

A: 608 bearings that vary in quality. When you check out you will see price difference as well as spin time of spinner.

Q: How do you measure spin time?

A: Spin time is measured by placing spinner on table and spinning it by hand the timer starts after spinning it and stops when spinner comes to complete halt.

Q: What are other names for the fidget spinners?

A: EDC spinner,Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Ceramic EDC Hand Finger Spinner Desk Focus torq, 3D spinner and many more. #fingerspinner

Here is an article from Forbes Magazine.