San Diego Comic Con Sues Salt Lake Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con has filed a lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con.


San Diego Comic Con claims that the use of the name "Comic Con" is infringing on its intellectual property. Salt Lake Comic Con; however, says that San Diego Comic Con uses "Comic-Con" with a hyphen and that "Comic Con" without a hyphen is a generic term. SDCC also claims that SLCC is trying to confuse the general public and that SDCC has been contacted by people inquiring if the two Cons are affiliated. 


Public opinion says that SDCC is trying to push their weight around and intimidate SLCC over the use of the name "Comic Con". 


You can read the full article here: Deseret News


In my opinion there are hundreds of Comic Cons around the world I believe that SDCC is afraid of a little bit of competition. Of course  I am hoping SDCC loses the battle because has a booth at SLCC 2014. Even if did not have a booth I would still root for SLCC (the underdog).


Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 is still a go. September 4-6.


What do you think?


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