San Diego Comic Con vs. Salt Lake Comic Con

July 25, 2014  11:50 PM


There has been some interesting news lately pertaining to Salt Lake Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con.

San Diego Comic Con has apparently sent a cease and desist letter to Salt Lake Comic Con because of the use of "Comic Con" SDCC claims that SLCC is infringing on intellectual property. What many do not understand is why SDCC is sending this cease and desist letter to SLCC given the fact that there are many comic conventions around the world that have the "Comic Con" words somewhere in their logo. Take for example New York Comic Con or Chicago Comic Con, could it be that SDCC feels threatened by SLCC recent success ?

This battle has just started and no one knows how will it end one thing is for sure, Utah and Salt Lake Comic Con are not going to give up their convention without a fight. This case could also set a precedent for all other comic cons, will SDCC send cease and desist letters to other comic con players ?


***More News will be posted as it develops***


Update, Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 will continue as planned.

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