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San Diego Comic Con Sues Salt Lake Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con has filed a lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con.


San Diego Comic Con claims that the use of the name "Comic Con" is infringing on its intellectual property. Salt Lake Comic Con; however, says that San Diego Comic Con uses "Comic-Con" with a hyphen and that "Comic Con" without a hyphen is a generic term. SDCC also claims that SLCC is trying to confuse the general public and that SDCC has been contacted by people inquiring if the two Cons are affiliated. 


Public opinion says that SDCC is trying to push their weight around and intimidate SLCC over the use of the name "Comic Con". 


You can read the full article here: Deseret News


In my opinion there are hundreds of Comic Cons around the world I believe that SDCC is afraid of a little bit of competition. Of course  I am hoping SDCC loses the battle because has a booth at SLCC 2014. Even if did not have a booth I would still root for SLCC (the underdog).


Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 is still a go. September 4-6.


What do you think?


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San Diego Comic Con vs. Salt Lake Comic Con

July 25, 2014  11:50 PM


There has been some interesting news lately pertaining to Salt Lake Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con.

San Diego Comic Con has apparently sent a cease and desist letter to Salt Lake Comic Con because of the use of "Comic Con" SDCC claims that SLCC is infringing on intellectual property. What many do not understand is why SDCC is sending this cease and desist letter to SLCC given the fact that there are many comic conventions around the world that have the "Comic Con" words somewhere in their logo. Take for example New York Comic Con or Chicago Comic Con, could it be that SDCC feels threatened by SLCC recent success ?

This battle has just started and no one knows how will it end one thing is for sure, Utah and Salt Lake Comic Con are not going to give up their convention without a fight. This case could also set a precedent for all other comic cons, will SDCC send cease and desist letters to other comic con players ?


***More News will be posted as it develops***


Update, Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 will continue as planned.

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Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 celebrity guest list

Is everyone excited for this years 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con?

We sure are. This week some guests were announced an here is the list. With more guests to be announced soon.


Celebrity Guests Announced:

  • Stephen Amell from Arrow
  • Neal Adams
  • Bill Galvan
  • WETA Workshop
  • Eliza Dushku
  • Vic Mignona
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Michael Rosenbaum
  • Kevin Sorbo
  • Jon Heder
  • Manu Bennet
  • Simon Helberg
You can also click here to find out more: Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

FanX Master Guest list


Here is a link to the list of Guests for 2014 FanX

Comic con fever

FanX right around the corner


the excitement ........aaaaaaaahhhhhhh



see ya next week :)



Fan X Salt Lake Comic Con



Now I know it says on the website that most of the products are sold out! Indeed that is the case; however, the good news is that whatever is sold out will be available to FanX guests in limited quantities.


I just received some news that thus far there have been over 20,000 tickets sold ! that means if you do not have one make sure you do not miss out on this first event.


more news will posted as I receive it.



See ya

FanX 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con has a Booth at Comic con it is Booth #1317 come by and say hello. Some toys that we will be selling at Comic con are not displayed on this website because we want to surprise people who attend.


See ya there :)



Celebrities attending Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

In addition to more space at the Salt Palace, FanX will incorporate key additions to its program, including:

  • Kid Con Pavilion. The Kid Con Pavilion will focus on entertainment and activities specifically designed for families and children.
  • More Cosplay events: There will be additional Cosplay Contests, photo areas, and some first of their kind activities to take Cosplay to a whole new level.
  • More social activities. Including robust interactive panels, Q&A’s with celebrity panelists, speed dating, social media groups and expanded areas for attendees to take pictures and socialize with fans with similar interests.
  • More entertainment. More shows within the show like last years’ Jedi Mind Tricks Comedy Show and Evil Dead Musical as well as special celebrity Meet and Greet events.
  • Longer hours. Nearly a half-day more of open hours over the course of the three-day event.
  • Expanded VIP experiences and benefits. VIPs will have greater access to celebrities, fastpass lines, preferred seating in panels, early show entry and much more.

The inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con was held September 5-7, 2013. It was:

  • The largest first time Comic Con in North American history.
  • The largest convention ever in the state of Utah with over 72,000 attendees.
  • SOLD OUT with more than 52,000 ticket sales.
  • Ranks among the top 4 attended Comic Cons in North America.

Sold out!

We apologize for the inconvenience due to high demand we are sold out on certain items. Feel free to contact us from the contact page and we will let you know when items become available. Thank You.