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Hi Everyone!


Thank you for stopping by at Beany's Toy Shop. is a store focusing on what really matters in life-  HAVING FUN! Our toys provide hours of fun.

Are you tired of buying products at auction websites where you do not receive the customer service you deserve? Beany's Toy Shop takes pride on not only the quality of its products, but also the exceptional customer service provided with every purchase, no matter how big or small. We just want you to smile! 

Is someone's birthday coming up? Our toys and products are perfect gifts that won't break the bank and you'll be the birthday party hero. 

  • How long have we been in business: Since 2010
  • How long have we been online: Established 2013
  • The future: We want to be the toy store that brings the fun to your life.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us